The EU is with Tehran

Francesca Musacchio

By Francesca Musacchio

Against the sanctions imposed on Iran by the United States to protect European companies.
This is the position of Europe that could also be the right one but, as always, Brussels uses two weights and two measures.

Can Italian and European citizens ask why so much care has not been used with Russia? Especially taking into account that the economic weight of the sanctions imposed on Moscow is considerable, particularly for Italy. However, in this case the EU does not seem to have bothered. In fact, when the current government criticized the issue, the revolt broke out. As if Tehran was less dangerous and more reliable than Moscow…

The most interesting thing is that against the sanctions against Iran, the most fervent positions come from countries like Germany, that has some problems with Donald Trump’s economic policy. Is it possible that the Berlin reaction is really an answer to the tariffs on aluminum imposed on the EU by the tycoon?

And then, there is Great Britain that is carrying out a battle against Russia touching the ideological aspect in some cases but really attacking the United States for the sanctions against Iran.

Notwithstanding that we have no propensity for pro Putin (and in these days it is good to underline it to avoid ending up in the lists of proscription of some journal) but the situation in Iran deserves to be analyzed carefully before throwing oneself in favor of one or another part .

Especially for what concerns the women’s role. The problem is that it does not seem to interest the EU representatives. In fact, while all this is happening, the Iranians continue their daily struggle for freedom.
Since last April on social networks is active the campaign that has become viral, ‘MyCameraIsMyWeapon’. Thanks to the cameras on the telephones, the women publish videos of abuses and humiliations carried out by the policemen in charge of controlling the respect for the uses and the customs. Although a softer legislation has been introduced that does not provide for fines or restrictions for women who are unveiled in public, in practice this rule seems to be partially respected only in Tehran.

But this is another story and has nothing to do with economic sanctions. This is the reason why Tehran can continue on its way and the EU representatives, like Federica Mogherini, will continue to cover their heads during official meetings with Iranian government officials.


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