Hon. Souad Sbai: I do not Demonstrate for Tariq Ramadan. The French Justice Must Follow its Course


“Women say NO to the demonstrations scheduled for tomorrow in Rome and Milan in favor of Tariq Ramadan.” This is how Hon. Souad Sbai, President of the Association of the Moroccan Women’s Community in Italy (ACMID), commented on the rallies organized in Italy by the sympathizers of the controversial exponent of the Muslim Brotherhood, who is currently held in a French prison on charges of rape.

“Tomorrow we will take to the streets to counteract the propaganda that a priori defends Ramadan’s innocence against the allegations of rape,” the journalist and writer said: “The French justice must follow its course. It must be the French justice to decide whether Ramadan is innocent or not.”

“It is not true, as his followers say, that Ramadan is being persecuted in jail – Hon. Sbai points out -, because he was separated from other prisoners just to protect his safety. In addition, the coroners have already established that his health conditions are not such that his life can be endangered by the detention.”

Therefore, “Ramadan cannot and must not be considered a victim of the French justice, and I hope that tomorrow also the women enlivening the #metoo movement will demonstrate with us,” ACMID President concludes.

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