Narcos and Jihad: the Lies about Extremism in Brazil


By Souad Sbai

Watching the report on the spread of Islamic radicalism in Brazil made by the France 24’s public broadcaster is useful to understand the extent to which the European press closes its eyes on this threat, according to the dictates of the politically correct.

The thesis report is simple: the favelas in Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, are very poor and this is why in the Carioca metropolis the membership in a radical and intolerant version of Islam is increasing.

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims live in Brazil: the descendants of the African slaves who landed in the sixteenth century, the most recent migrants from Syria, Palestine and Lebanon in the twentieth century and the converts to Islam who often belong to the impoverished middle class.

But the principal issue is another one: France 24’s report does not mention the terrorist infiltration in Brazil. However, in 2016 a cell formed by 10 jihadists who were planning to attempt during the Olympic Games in Rio, was dismantled. Lonely wolves linked to al Qaeda ready to attack American, French and English athletes, inspired by the attack in Monaco in 1972. Last year, 11 other members of an ISIS cell were discovered thanks to Spanish intelligence services who discovered through Telegram and WhatsApp that they were planning to attack during the Carnival.

The French television ignores it and prefers to give voice to the young rappers converted to Islam living in favelas, who, under the pretext of the fight against the slavery that their ancestors suffered, sing despicable songs against “the Zionists in a tie”. Extremist and racist rappers who spread anti-Semitism without limit and show the evidence of a violently discriminatory background.

But let’s move on; What do the so-called imams and the faithful say to the microphones of the French broadcaster? They said that the Islam (fundamentalist) to which they belong is growing also because it decreases the spread of drugs in the favelas. Stop; the French journalists do not add anything else. In this case we must remember that the “Triple Frontier” between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, for years, has been a paradise of terror where there has been a terrible fusion between the terrorist groups and the South American drug cartels.

Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, the prosthetics of the Iranian regime and the Islamic State militias have taken root in this places to launder dirty money, to train foreign fighters and to transport tons of drugs from South America to Africa and later into Europe.

In conclusion, we must ask ourselves if the France 24 editorial board is made up by journalists who totally ignore the topics they talk about or whether behind this reassuring picture of the advance of radicalism in Brazil there is the usual benevolent underestimation of the threat.

And what about the fight against drugs? The truth is that the international jihadism makes gold deals with the narcos to finance and export its violent and intolerant imperialism all over the world. This proves that the War on Terror is not just permanent but also must be fought on a global level.

Narcos and Jihad

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