From the United Arab Emirates, a Marshall Plan for Hodeidah. Why does not the EU do the Same Thing?


by Souad Sbai

When one heards that it is not possible to help those who are in difficulty in their own homeland, perhaps one should look beyond one’s nose, beyond one’s own narrow geopolitical and perhaps cultural perspective.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) sent ten ships and three airplanes carrying humanitarian aid to the freed parties of Hodeidah, Yemen, following the instructions given by Mohamed bin Zayed, Crown Prince and deputy Chief Commander of the UAE armed forces, in his capacity as Chairman of the Commission of the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC). Ten boats from the UAE will transport 13,500 tons of food, while an emergency and rescue airlift will take off with three flights carrying 10,436 food packages. This is aid is much needed by an exhausted population who suffered from the Houthis’ heavy guerrilla supported by Iran and Qatar.

The “first rescue ship will transport 500 tons of rice and flour, while the second boat will deliver 1,000 tons of various food products. Four more ships will supply 3,000 tons of food each one.” The first ERC rescue boat carrying 10,000 tons of wheat is expected to arrive on Friday, within a week, providing basic food to 888,000 people in a two-week period, including 480,000 children and 160,000 women.

The rescue ships, the Emirati media explains, are heading towards Hodeidah, where the port remains open and active despite the ongoing offensive. Other ships will be arriving in the port in the coming days. An aid boat carrying 65,000 packages of food arrived in Yemen last Sunday, sending aid to 455,000 Yemenis, including 273,000 children and 91,000 women. Another merchant ship sent on Sunday by the UAE will reach the coasts of Yemen carrying 500 tons of food, enough to sustain 12,000 people for two weeks. Immediately the next day, another boat from the UAE carried 1,000 tons of food in Yemen.

This is a high level humanitarian and assistance operation to help a territory in which the war has left behind very serious consequences. Helping countries and peoples in need is possible and the Marshall Plan of the UAE proves it. It is only necessary not to be short-sighted and influenced like the EU by ideological pro-immigrationist views whose origin is well known by all.



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