Tehran’s Bid to Take Over the Arab World is Weakening


By Souad Sbai

The Iranian attempt to destabilize the Arab world, along with Qatar, the younger brother, is about to end.

The financing and arming of the Houthis’ militias in Yemen, aimed at overthrowing Mansur´s legitimate government, are increasingly ineffective due to internal divisions and the counterattack by the troops of the coalition led by Saudi Arabia. The city of Al Hudaydah epitomizes the slow but progressive crumbling of the Houthis’ camp and, consequently, of the plans of Qatar and Iran.

The last days of combat show that the Houthis’ line of defense is getting weaker and weaker, despite the missiles launched on Riyadh (intercepted without causing any damage). And despite the denials, also Tehran’s bid to attack the Arab world and gain the regional hegemony is thus weakening.

According to Arab media reports, the city of Saada, the Houthis’ true stronghold in Yemen, will soon be invaded by the allied troops, which will thus deliver the final blow to the attempted coup that has been keeping the entire country in a state of war for years.

As for Socotra, the island occupied by the Arab coalition troops to prevent the Houthis from seizing it, it is quite evident that the will of the allied Arab countries is to ensure stability in the whole region, thwarting any kind of interference by the Iranian regime, which keeps meddling in Yemen, as well as in the rest of the Arab Sunni world.

The Houthis’ strength was put a strain by the air raids that the Saudi-led Arab Coalition carried out in Sana’a against the presidential palace and the headquarters of the ministries of Defense and Interior. On that occasion, the Houthis were probably hiding something or someone very important, as they decided to keep secret the identity of the officials that were killed in the same raids.

According to the Coalition spokesperson, in fact, a number of first and second level leaders of the pro-Iranian group were killed during the attack.

Tehran’s bid to take over the Arab world, along with Doha the younger brother, is slowly but progressively losing stamina.

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