Sanaa Chema was Slaughtered by Her Father and Brother: A part of Italy is complicit to the Worst part of Pakistan

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Sanaa Cheema, a 25-year-old Pakistani girl who used to live in Italy for many years, was slaughtered by her father and brother. They did not allow her to live her own life.
By Souad Sbai

Another victim of the politically correct, of the criminal multiculturalism, of the cultural and religious extenuating circumstances.  When Sanaa traveled to Pakistan for a few days to visit her family, her father and her brother cut her throat.

The 25-year-old Pakistani girl lived in Italy for years and wanted to live as a free person, without submitting to rules imposed by a liberticidal tradition. She wanted to marry an Italian boy, she wanted to say yes to her heart, she wanted to choose. Choice, a factor that in some areas cannot be tolerated because it breaks the chain of oppression and control of the family clans.To be sure, many do remember, for example, the case of Hina Saleem, murdered for the same reason, always in Italy, by her father and uncle; or the story of Sanaa Dafani and her love, which got broken along with her life.

I also add the story of Nosheen Butt. Nasheen’s father and brother wanted her to marry a cousin whom she did reject, and for this reason she had to die. Eventually, Nosheen’s mother died in her place. She found the strength to oppose the forced marriage, and her husband stoned her to death, while Nosheen managed to survive by miracle. She was repeatedly hit with a bar, and half of her skull had to be reconstructed. It happened in Modena, always in Italy, the very civilized Italy…

In each of these cases, the cultural factor was upheld as justification, because “it is their custom”. Today, after the death of Sanaa Cheema, I ask myself: What does Italy offer to those who would like to live a different life? What does it offer to those who think that by leaving their country it is possible to find the freedom to choose and to say no to a traditionalist extremism that only generates crimes that often remain unknown?

The odious cultural extenuating circumstance will come back to light on this occasion as well, I have no doubt. Trial after trial, sentence after sentence, it loses strength thanks to our battles but it still remains difficult to eradicate. Not so much as to the potential perpetrators of these crimes, but among the members of a certain elite that tend to justify the unjustifiable, ending up killing by means of their words those who are already dead due to physical violence.

Nine years later here we are again crying for another Hina, also in Brescia. Another unaware victim of the disease that has infected Italy: the do-goodism, in the country these young gilrs pinned her hopes on. Meanwhile, the killers live apparently integrated into the society. They live and work here.

Sanaa’s family arranged her travel to Pakistan in order to kill her, thinking of getting away with it. Who would have asked about her in Italy? Who would have asked about a mere object of her family’s will? But they were wrong, because despite the silence and the many turned shoulders, there is someone here asking for explanations.

Once again, on behalf of the anti-violence green number of ACMID-Women, we will bring a civil action, knowing that we will find another empty courtroom, without those women who demonstrates in the squares for having transformed a look into violence.

Because violence, the real one, the violence that kills, is totally unknown to them. They have never seen a mortuary, with the torn body of a massacred woman, lucky them. And they have never asked about the many girls who do not attend compulsory school, and whose fate is almost unknown…in Italy.

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