Jihadist Proselytism among the School Desks: Meeting in Rome Tomorrow

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Press release by Souad Sbai, journalist and President of the “Averroes” Study Center.

The Conference “The Temptation of Jihadist Radicalism”, organized by the “Averroes” Study Center will take place tomorrow, April 19, at the Primoli Foundation Hall, Rome.

The meeting, moderated by the journalist Gianandrea Gaiani, will gather a group of experts who will look into the phenomenon of the radicalization of the youths from the second generation promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood´s proselytism.

A high level meeting aimed at understanding if Italy, such as France, there is facing the risk of the “radical temptation”.

Journalists, experts, and sociologists will meet in this new appointment, which is part of a program of events promoted since the beginning of the year by the “Averroes” Study Center. The program is focused on the fight against any form of radicalism and jihadist proselytism in Italy and Europe.

The “radical temptation” in France has become a matter of fact, and for this reason we must examine the Italian situation in order to figure out how the proselytism of the Muslim Brotherhood is able to reach out to the youngest people in the schools, and why so far this phenomenon, which is more delicate that any other, has never been thoroughly explored.

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