Ben Jelloun Preaches against Jihad, Far from the Frontline

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by Souad Sbai (*)

Tahar Ben Jelloun, from the pulpit of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, preaches against the Islamic communities that do not fight enough against extremism. However, he forgets the true moderate Muslims, who struggle and die at the hands of the extremists. It is comfortable to preach from peaceful Morocco, while the Italian suburbs have become a jihadist criminal novel.

Here is a new sermon, not even truly heartfelt, against the Islamic communities which do not do enough to combat extremism. The author is the same as always, Tahar Ben Jelloun. The pulpit is the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, which until yesterday had never dreamed of hosting any commentary (a true one) against radicalism. On the contrary, La Repubblica ignored many times in the past the warnings about the figure of Mr. Tariq Ramadan, an alleged Islamic scholar who is actually the icon of political Islamism and grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. Today, Ramadan is accused of violence, fabrication of academic titles, and of having bought the silence of a woman.

The respect that La Repubblica showed until recently for him says a lot about how it interprets the fight against radicalism. So it is no surprise that the newspaper hosted a commentary by Jelloun. To be sure, it is a legitimate decision, but Jelloun epitomizes a lukewarm, if not a façade struggle against jihadism. With his weightless words, Jelloun gives the feeling that he does not know the Italian reality at all. He is not aware that radical Islamism is at the heart of the society, with do-it-yourself mosques and imams preaching terrorist proselytism.

Jelloun says that Italy should do what France has not been able to do, and he deems France to be very racist if not Islamophobic.

It is too easy to write from Tangier, his Moroccan retirement, from where he did produce nothing more than these sporadic interventions. It is too easy to talk about the secularization of Islam while remaining with clean hands, without having faced militant jihadism directly. He asks Muslims to get involved and participate. But the moderates, dear Tahar, do participate. It is pitiful that you do not know it, for your current of thought, the do-goodism, has turned them into predestined targets of invectives.

The cultural awards Belloun has received so far are certainly a source of pride, but they have never stopped a proselytist, or changed an ideological orientation.

They have never shifted the internal balances of communities or social groups. The moderates and dissidents, as well as those who decide to change their mind, have died for it.

In Italy we are experiencing a “criminal novel” of jihadist and proselytist type. Its script is “kindly” offered by the Muslim Brotherhood, while the “production” is financed by Qatar. Jelloun talks about secularization: but secularization of what?

The widespread politically correct, nauseating emanation of the single thought, serves as a socio-cultural glue, as breeding ground for proselytist extremism.

Obviously, Mr. Jelloun is not aware that the schooling rate of girls of Maghrebi origin is below the tolerance threshold. He does not even know about the law against infibulation approved in 2007 to stop a rampant phenomenon. Yet, the little girls forced into early marriages continue to be victims of those who abide to politically correct, whose motto is “this the way they do at their house”. Many of them even support polygamy.

I understand that in front of a good tea, by the sea in Tangier, everything becomes more diluted, less sharp and worrisome, so it gets easier to indulge in banal concepts.

On the other hand, knowing that there are others to resist in the battlefield against jihadism must be very reassuring for those who amuse themselves with philosophy against an “ideology of death”. But there are people who do not give up, even if the perception that the wind is going against them is clearer and clearer.

(*) La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana

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