Extremism, Do-It-Yourself Mosques: Shame on Those Who Denied their Existence

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By Souad Sbai

Today, the zealous mainstream media have become aware that a part of the illegal immigration is triggered by jihadist recruitment centers, that the do-it-yourself mosques are cradles of extremist and terrorist proselytism, and that the do-it-yourself imams are serial instigators of hatred and jihad.

Congratulations on such promptness, while the appeals and complaints put forward by moderate Muslims, lay people, and non-subservient journalists have fallen into deaf ears for the past fifteen years. Their warnings were labeled as racism, xenophobia, and hatred towards foreigners, if not as ravings or inventions.

An endless scandal: campaigns of denigration and mystification of the truth, demonizing those who were just ascertaining the truth. However, after the arrests of alleged jihadists in Foggia and Turin, we are attending the theater of the obvious, the theater of those who belong to the media following the single thought and now say: “Eyes locked on the do-it-yourself mosques”, or ”the jihadist threat in the cultural centers”. Their articles and interviews are still reluctant, though, as if they do not want to admit the past. And that cannot but enrage those who have been denouncing this situation for many years.

Fatwas, court trials, defamation, threats, aggressions: all this seemed to be totally unknown to mainstream media, almost annoying because it was a fact-based description of the ramification of the jihadist proselytism in Italy and Europe.

To be sure, it is understandable that those who have to adhere to a script written by the highest echelons find it difficult to say the actual “truth”, to open their eyes as well as the eyes of readers and observers: here is the greatest supporter of jihadist extremism, false information passing off as revealed thruth through the destruction of any critical conscience.

Until recently, you could not dare to say that the do-it-yourself mosques must be closed because they are a continuous threat to the Italian security. No, they used to tell us, the cultural centers are a resource to promote integration between different cultures in Italy, you are the ones who are drawing a negative picture of them.

Today, we are facing the do-it-yourself mosques, the do-it-yourself imams, clandestine channels swelling the ranks of terrorism, of the boats in which they were saying that there are no jihadists. It is a victory of the security forces, whose work is unfortunately unknown and often underestimated or vilified, while for some media and intellectuals this is the most scorching defeat. And so is it for some representatives of the opposition, who have been silent for some time, as if the problem no longer exists.

The same silence is maintained with respect to the Arab world accusing Qatar of financing the extremism and the proselytism of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Turkey of being an outpost of radicalism, a place subject to Erdogan´s Ottoman repression and dictatorship.

All remain silent also on these issues, they turn their face to the other side: servants of the single thought that feeds the extremism.

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