Terrorism, Italy / Souad Sbai: “The arrest occurred in the city of Foggia is the picture of the Muslim Brotherhood´s Proselytism. Do-it-yourself mosques must be shut down and funding from Qatar closely tracked.”

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“ISIS has not been defeated, not at all. Actually, it is more alive than ever in Italy, as evidenced by the arrest in Foggia of an Egyptian with Italian citizenship. Under the guise of a pseudo-cultural association, the alleged terrorist used to make propaganda and jihadist proselytism, while he was in direct contact with members of the so-called Islamic State. As the investigation shows, the rooms of the “Al Dawa” association were acting as mosque as well, and I wonder what are the comments on these facts of those who oppose the closure of the do-it-yourself mosques.

This is how Souad Sbai, journalist and President of the “Averroes” Cultural Center, addressed the latest episode related to terrorism in Italy. The “Averroes” Cultural Center analyzes and explains the jihadist and extremist phenomena in the Mediterranean and Europe.

“Indoctrination of the second generations, projections of films praising the jihad, recruitment and propaganda on the social media, and, above all, money, a lot of money, whose origins are not difficult to identify. This is the picture emerging from the investigation on the “Al Dawa” association in Foggia. This is the perfect picture – President Sbai explains – of the Muslim Brotherhood’s proselytist activities in the West: a concentration of jihadist ideology and funds in continuous movement, whose only purpose is to finance terrorist activities in the theaters of the jihad and in Europe. Today, more than ever, it is a must to shut down the do-it-yourself mosques, to expel the do-it-yourself imams, to track each foreign funding destined to these phantom associations, especially when funding comes from Qatar and its international associates. Reality is enough to disprove the huge fake news that ISIS has been defeated. ISIS is among us, more than we may think, and takes advantage of the weaknesses in the Italian legislation.”

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