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Prince Bin Salman and the Emirates are Getting Serious

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Mohammed Bin SalmanArticle by Souad Sbai

“The tide against the extremism of the Muslim Brotherhood must be followed carefully “

A change here in the West, where every right seems to be taken for granted and every wish becomes the agenda of the day, takes the time of a blink, a click, or a share.

Perhaps, this is the reason why we tend to underestimate the changes involving us, almost as if they were one of the many steps of our frenetic and distracted lives. One way to give the right meaning to things again is to move our gaze further, where the mainstream information and the social media often do not dare or do not want to go.

The process of change undertaken by Saudi Arabia thanks to its young Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, for example, let us understand how change is not always so obvious. Take women, to whom the Prince has begun to ensure significant openings, allowing them to drive or to go to the stadium. Most recently, he also cancelled the obligation to wear the black outfit – an issue that is of great interest to me, given my battles against an imposition that has nothing to do with religion.

Small steps if viewed with Western eyes, with the eyes of the well-established rights, but for those who live in those latitudes, they represent historical steps, and this is even more so amid a historical and political phase in which Qatar is leading the way to an opposite direction. Indeed, Qatar is funding the jihadist and extremist front, whereby the submissive woman is a symbol to be exported. Many steps are still to be taken, but the young Saudi prince, along with his Abu Dhabi counterpart Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, are trying to eradicate such a vision as part of an extensive program to combat extremism. This program is being carried out in partnership with the US Administration. According to the latest pieces of news, trilateral diplomatic talks are underway, with the aim to build and further strengthen a kind of coalition opposed to the extremism of the Muslims Brotherhood.

Such projects, ideas, and cultural steps, deserve to be regarded with interest, despite there is still a long way to go and the advancements are still insufficient to say that the goal has been achieved. But the fact is that the air is changing, while the progress made in recent years by a certain extremism with Qatari and Iranian imprint could gradually be vanished by a process of reforms and progressive openings in the Sunni world. The latter, after having paid dire consequences, had long manifested the need for such a progress to occur.


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