Qatar and Terrorism: Italy must clarify

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Article by Souad Sbai (*)

Italy did not believe in the accusations against Qatar for jihadism and international terrorism-financing. That is the statement delivered by the two Qatari diplomats that opens up a serious political problema. Is it possible thanks to Qatari investments in Italy? The answer is a must.

The speech delivered by the Ambassador of Qatar, Abdulaziz Bin Ahmed Al Maki and the Special Envoy of the Foreign Minister of the State of Qatar for Counterterrorism and Mediation of Conflict Resolution, Mutlaq bin Majed Al-Qahtani, that took place at the Postgraduate School of Police in Rome, is disturbing.

The Ambassador said that, between Italy and Qatar “there is a strategic vision to fight against terrorism and there is also a spirit of cooperation, friendship and trust”, while the special envoy confirmed that “The international community did not believe in the accusations against Qatar for jihadism and international terrorism-financing; Italy did not believe it because Qatar is taking strong steps to fight terrorism and can prove it”.

For those who still believe in the public statements of politics and diplomacy: In the conference, the representatives of the Qatari government affirmed that Italy does not believe in the charges against Qatar because they are false. But who has talked with Italy about the accusations? How do the speakers know that Italy does not believe the accusations from, practically, the entire Arab world? Has this question been asked before? I don´t think so because the press does not contradict it. Mass media reports the speech made by Al Malki and al-Qahtani, nothing else.

Italy should talk because these kind of words are politically and geopolitically serious. In other words, Italy, according to the speech made by Al Malki and al-Qahtani, disagrees with the global accusations against Qatar of financing the jihadist terrorism that is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The political problem is serious. Journalists, politician, intelligence analysts, government officials and non-governmental organizations around the world (such as: Qatar and Terror Finance by the Foundation for Defense and Democracies or Qatar Terrorism and the Blame Game by the International Center for the Study of Violent extremism), report files and newspaper articles denouncing Qatar´s dangerous relationships with the extremism of the Muslim Brotherhood. But according to the conference, they are wrong. It could be possible, but who will take the trouble to refute what they say?

Qatari diplomats argued that Qatari diplomats argued that Qatar is taking strong steps to fight against terrorism. They talk about what they are doing against, but they don´t talk about what they are doing for. About the charges of have financing international terrorism, there are no words. And Italy is going to say what think about it? It is fair for the Italian citizens know the movements that their country could make. Especially because Qatar is making purchases in Italy; for example: an airline, hospitals and touristic areas of great value. If Italy take into account the version of Qatar and doesn´t take into consideration the vision of the international community, Italy, must assume all responsibility. Money runs the World: Take it or leave it?


(*) La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana

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