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Italy´s Elections 2018. Souad Sbai: “PD pays for the mistakes in security and immigration”

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Souad Sbai: first impressions 24 hours after poll closing time


“Italy´s political landscape is scrabous, in both senses, territorial and “ideological”.

If I look back and think about the period between 2008 and 2013, I have the feeling that something has completely changed in Italy. If I look ahead, I think that it is too late to deal with this change”.

What does it mean?

”Voters have spoken, in a nutshell, there have been many protest votes. The vote has been used to punish.

The fact that, political communication has radically changed in the last five years, should not be underestimated because, after all, nowadays, Internet and the social networks show everything as structured messages in innovative techniques “.

Do you think it is necessary to take a step forward, a leap for the less anchored in the past politics, even on aspects such as the approach to the Internet users?

”I would say yes. The figures speak for themselves and reveal an essential fact: social media is a must nowadays. It is demonstrated that those who are strongly rooted in the cyber world have a greater and faster evolution “.

In your opinion: Who will form a government?

”I dont know, really. there’s been lots of talk about “impure” coalitions and unlikely unions. We’ll see what happens; the drop in the Renzi ´s Democratic Party (PD) has scattered many of the posible solutions that were germinating thanks to this electoral law.

Do you think that immigration and the fight against terrorism will be the priority issues for the Government (if a government is formed)?

“In the previous legislature this problem was not the priority. It is true that some decisions taken late got their results but it is also true that it has been a “copy and paste” of the previous legislatures. With a new Governmente the speech could be different but I do not think that the immigration and the fight against terrorism will ever become the priority issues “.

The faults that allow the proliferation of jihadism are borned from the doubt. Of the uncertainty, of yesterday and of today, Proselytism arises from the present and past doubt.

By dint of saying that there is always more important, now, there is in Italy a network of jihadist proselytism that is rooted and difficult to eradicate “.






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